deconstructing a cup noodle

ok, so shoe had a thought boner an decided to pull apart an old favourite, just to see what kind of smank he could see.

the ramen in question here is hot white epicenter of the instant ramen universe, the CUP NOODLE - BIG.

shoe needed a few tools for th' job, an pulled together a ramen-deconstruction kit; fine-calibered, precision surgical steel implements all.

the lid of our subject today, with the protective plastic wrapping removed, for your freshness.

an initial inspection of the contents of the cup, with the top removed. our subject is ready for th' pocedure. succulent shrimp, firm egg,fragrant onion and mouth-watering bits of beef resting gently on a bed of supple noodles.

after several sweaty minutes an some gentle teasing apart, shoe came up with the final anaylsis..

the toll:
- 8 lumps of shrimp-like pustules
- 11 fragments of petrified meat-ish matter
- 26 crumbs of calcified yellow crud, possibly ovum in nature
- a blizzard of flaky green shards, presumed to have been once some sort of bulbous plant
- a modicum of brown particulate, highly flammable
- a massive undefined clod of sinuos fibers, roto-molded into a cylindrical cast

people. please do not be deceived by sweet smells emanating from the cup once water is applied! this stuff is EVAL INCARNATE. iff'n you wish to make your brain all shiny and hard, then by all means go for it, but remember, there's a world of ramen out there that needs your attention.

Blogger Cheeth had this to say:

dude! i'm just about to start at olympus, working for CEC. plus i'm a huge ramen eater. great job on the Cup Nudoru analysis. i'm more of a supaa kappu man myself. that's crazy that you stumbled on the blog though...what city are you living in?

12:58 AM 

Blogger jimC had this to say:

Nice, D! I urge you to make this a sub-theme on the site and start dissecting more stuff!

9:58 PM 

Blogger rameniac had this to say:

LOL awesome dude. awesome arrangement of the elements by size as well... that's some downright sick shit my fellow brother in noodling...


9:05 PM 

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